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Authors registration

  • There will be no advertising in the Journal however advertising will be encouraged in the weekly newsletter.
  • All authors will receive an automatic subscription to the Journal and Newsletters for twelve months form their last article.
  • Authors will be expected to submit a minimum of one article per year.
  • Articles can be long or short and can be submitted in txt, doc, or odt format
  • This is a global journal so we are looking for articles that do not refer to current seasons in a particular area/country.
  • Authors will be asked to submit at least four photographs with any article, one of which will be selected to print A4, which they will retain the copyright to if it exists. Acceptable formats of photographs will be .jpg, .png., gif.
  • Where audio (podcast, etc) is to be included, to be in mp3 format.
  • Where video is to be included, to be in mp4 format.
  • Only proper scientific names are to be used in the Journal unless the article refers to food (where the proper name will also be used)
  • The front and back page will be full colour photographs
  • There is the potential for a A3 size photographs
  • We are looking for articles from people who have a particular passion, or are very experienced in a facet of plants and their upkeep.
  • We are also interested in man’s use of plants, photography of plants, insects that are beneficial/harmful for plants, basically anything to do with plants
  • Where authors are able to be involved in our affiliate programme they will be encouraged to do so.
  • Once an article is received it will be formatted to our standards and a proof will be supplied to the author prior to publication
  • There is no guarantee that any article submitted will be published in the next issue
  • There is no guarantee that any article submitted will be published
  • If you want to be an international author, click the button below.
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